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At an age of about 8 years I got my first folding book. It was a Dutch translation of 'The art of Chinese paper folding for young and old' by Mrs. Maying Soong (1948). This book contains a series of models, but no explicit folding technique. So after that I didn't do real Origami, but just a little bit folding among a lot of other things.

But summer 1980 there was some information about Origami in the newspaper and I got wondering. Than at Xmas 1980 I received a book along with some real Origami paper. The next three months I did nothing but folding. I took some of the folded objects with me to my office.

Someday one of our University users came in, saw the Origami objects and told me about the Origami association. So I became a member and kept folding. Not as much as that first three months, but steady.

For several years I've been member of the editorial staff of the magazine 'Orison' of the OSN (Origami Sociëteit Nederland). And after that I've been member of the Model Commitee of the OSN for 10 years. In the meantime I've also done some work of the OSN web pages.

And also I maintain the archives of the Origami mailing list. That contains also diagrams and programs on Origami.

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