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   Subject: Origami Book List
   Date: 1 Mar 90 07:21:49 EST (Thu)
   From: mwj@icc.com (Mike Jenkins)

Well I have had a request to post my personal collection. This is most of it except for a few titles in Japanese that I can not translate. I was also asked to have a comment about each but I currently don't have that in my list. If you are interested about any of the titles listed, e-mail me about the one(s) you would like to know more about.

As for myself I would like to hear from those who have text or diagrams on money folds. I have been into folding money for the last couple years and find it fun since it can be done anywhere. I have left money origami as tips, folded them while I wait in a restaurant, or on the airplane. So any sources or text information would be appreciated.

I recently became a member of the origami e-mail list and was reading through the archive of e-mail. I read in there that some people have a freeware origami computer program. I too have a copy of a freeware program, but I am not sure if it is the same. It was written in BASIC. So if you have a origami software program please contact me. I also was reading about O.I.L (Origami Instructional Language), and it has intrigued me. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to learn more about it. Well that's all for now. I hope to hear from others soon. I want to get active in this group.

   Book Title                                 Author
   Convention '85 Program                     F.O.C.A.
   Convention '86 Program                     F.O.C.A.
   Convention '87 Program                     F.O.C.A.
   Convention '88 Program                     F.O.C.A.
   Convention '89 Program                     F.O.C.A.
   Models By Members                          F.O.C.A.
   The Flapping Bird                          Samuel Randlett
   Folding Money, Vol II                      Samuel Randlett
   Folding Faces                              Eric Kenneway
   Complete Origami                           Eric Kenneway
   Origami Paperfolding For Fun               Eric Kenneway
   The World Of Origami                       Isao Honda
   Animal Origami For The Enthusiast          John Montroll
   Origami For The Enthusiast                 John Montroll
   Prehistoric Origami                        John Montroll
   Creative Origami                           Kunihiko Kasahara
   Origami Made Easy                          Kunihiko Kasahara
   Origami For The Connoisseur                Kunihuko Kasahara
   Origami Omnibus                            Kunihiko Kasahara
   Viva Origami                               Kunihiko Kasahara
   Secrets Of Origami                         Robert Harbin
   Origami The Art Of Paperfolding            Robert Harbin
   New Adventures In Origami                  Robert Harbin
   Paper Magic The Art Of Paperfolding        Robert Harbin
   Origami Dokuhon                            Akira Yoshizawa
   Sosaku Origami                             Akira Yoshizawa
   Origami Museum Animals                     Akira Yoshizawa
   The Art Of Folding Money                   Bill Caruba
   The Magic Of Folding Money                 Bill Caruba
   Origami Toys                               Toshie Takahama
   Origami Masterpieces Of The World          Toshie Takahama
   Paperfolding Fun Origami In Color          Zulal Ayture-Scheele
   The Great Origami Book                     Zulal Ayture-Scheele
   18 Of My Folds                             Paul Jackson
   Folding Money                              Paul Jackson
   The Complete Origami Course                Paul Jackson
   Max Hulme Selected Works 1973-1979         Dave Venables
   Anthony O'Hare A Cross Section Of
      Creations 1973-1982                     Dave Venables
   Paper Pandas And Jumping Frogs             Florence Temko
   Modern Origami                             James Sakoda
   Origami Per Pinocchio                      Roberto Morassi, Giovanni Maltagliati
   Origami Gli Insetti                        Alfredo Giunta
   Origami For Christmas                      Chiyo Araki
   Origami                                    Harry Helfman
   Bill Folds                                 Al O'Hagan
   Folding Money Book                         Adolfo Cerceda
   Contemporary Origami                       Daniel Mason
   Origami Animati                            Franco Pavarin
   Origami                                    Hideaki Sakata
   Origami For Parties                        Kazuo Kobayashi
   The ABC's Of Origami                       Claude Sarasas
   Origami Greeting Cards                     Isamu Asahi
   Origami Boxes                              Tomoko Fuse
   Folding The Universe                       Peter Engel
   Flying Origami                             Eiji Nakamura
   The Complete Book Of Origami               Robert Lang
   The Magic Of Origami                       Alice Gray
   Flying Birds                               Momotani
   Paperfolding For Beginners                 William Murray
   Famous Faces In Origami                    Jean Jerome Casalonga
   Napkin Folds                               John Cunliffe
   Bunny Bill                                 Robert Neale
   Pliages 3                                  Avions - Bateaux
   Origami                                    Toyoaki Kawai
   Living Origami                             Takuji Sugimura
   Bird In Hand                               Kawai
   Paper Toy Making                           Margaret Campbell
   Origami Games                              Mick Guy
   Wings & Things, Origami That Fies          Stephen Weiss
   Creative Life With Creative
      Origami, Vol III                        ????????

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