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GIF PS pdf htm txt 48K        * Bird (flapping)independently by different people
Model has several pages         ***Bird Nby Nick Robinson
GIF PS pdf htm txt 23K        **Eagleby Brian Ewins
Model has several pages         *****Eagleby Joseph Wu
GIF ps pdf htm txt 8K2        ***Flat duckby Edwin Corrie
gif PS pdf htm txt 204K        ****Heronby Gabriel Willow
gif PS pdf htm txt 233K        ****Ibis (White)by Gabriel Willow
gif ps PDF htm txt 216K        ****On the Water, Under Waterby Herman van Goubergen
Model has several pages         ****Peacockby Robert J. Lang
gif ps PDF htm txt 146K        ***Rooster NEWby Evi Binzinger
Model has several pages PHOTO**Swanby Maarten van Gelder

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