Lamp shade from units

This lampshade is constructed of 28 sheets A5 (half of A4). It is possible to use other rectangles. I suppose (half of) 'legal' and 'letter' will also do. And even squares are possible (some adaptation is necessary for unit D).

The diamater of the shown lamp shade is somewhat more than the length of the rectangles. And the height is about 2.5 times the width of the rectangles.

You may vary the number of rings and thus make the lamp shade taller.

You may choose how you position the various rings on top of each other.
One method is: all overlapping sections on top of each other.
I used another way: place a new overlapping section adjacent to that section below. So you get a kind of darkish spirals going round the lamp shade from bottom to top.

To make a real lamp shade you should add a lamp and some additional construction. Be sure that the lamp shade is open at the top and the bottom (ventilation) and that the lamp is not touching the lamp shade. Otherwise the paper gets hot and may be catch fire ...

Maarten van Gelder